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 Electrical Control System 電氣控制系統
∷  電氣控制系統
 Electrical Control System
為監控層,上位機通過以太網模塊和PLC 進行通訊,具有數據的采集,處理,故障的顯示等監控功能。

中間層為主站控制層,主要是PLC 通過現場總線模塊接收檢測信息、發出指令。

底層是設備執行層,通過來自現場的輸入信號和PLC 的指令實現現場執行的功能。
Electrical control system is divided into three layers
The upper layer is for monitoring. PC communicates through the Ethernet module with PLC, with the function of data acquisition, processing,monitoring and fault displaying.

The middle layer is the main control layer. PLC receives detection information through field bus module and sends command.

The bottom layer is equipment execution layer, which achieves execution function through the input signal and the PLC instruction.